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~ Dreamy Concealers ~

So I have been welcomed with a lovely hormonal breakout! Which got me thinking about concealers, how much they save me and which ones I adore the most! 💛 Here are my top 4:

• Collection Lasting Perfection concealer- this is my bargain choice, it's super cheap and really works very well. Covers imperfections and lasts the day. If you haven't tried this concealer, you need to! Mine is so well used, the label has vanished, so that says alot!

• Nars Radiant Creamy concealer - this is more pricey, but I do think it's worth the money. It blends really well and you only need a tiny bit. Once it's on, it isn't super matte, like a lot of concealers, so it looks less obvious on the skin. • Tarte Shape Tape - the coverage this gives is incredible, it definitely gives the best coverage of them all! But worth mentioning, unlike the Nars one, it is very matte

• Maybelline Instant Anti-age Eraser - this is a cult classic for your under eyes. This one is the brightening version, which is perfect for correcting dark circles. However, they do all sorts of shades to match your skin, if you prefer. Great for hiding fine lines and wrinkles! 💛💫🙌 What's your favourite concealer?

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